Friday, January 6, 2012

STILL Collaging....

... and I can't seem to stop.  I have such a mess in my studio that only fellow collagists would understand, and I really need to clear the decks for my painting schedule to begin.  But I can't !!  R says when I'm on a roll I should forget everything and keep on going.  He's such a dear.  I guess I'll just have to listen and go with the flow.

INDOCHINA - found and painted papers, magazine cut out 

BOUND - handmade and painted papers, ceramic leaf, gold thread

WITH OPEN ARMS - acrylics, painted and handmade papers, gold leaf

... and there's more to come, very soon.  See you shortly.


  1. you look like you have so much fun,, such an inspiration,

  2. What you have is all of this imagery spread out, all over the place, and then coming together little by little into these marvelous collages. The reason you're finding it difficult to move on is, you must process and eliminate all of these bits and pieces so you'll have room to add more! :D

  3. I should go with the flow and keep going.. as long as they keep coming out like this colorful wonderful collages.. keep going into the new year!

  4. wow, these are wonderful! love the sewed down leaf!