Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Letter A Week - I,J, K, L

Time for the monthly ALAW challenge.  My first letters for the year fit the 'spots or dots' theme. 

Each month the backgrounds are based on a different painting of mine, photoshopped and given a film grain texture. The font used is Blackadder.

It's worth hopping over to A Letter A Week to see the amazing variety of letters everyone's doing.  There are stirched and dyed letters, zentangles, beautiful calligraphic letters, and lots more.  You wouldn't believe it.


  1. such lovely letters, beautiful..

  2. I love the colors and textures of your letters.
    My Kindergarten class is working on a similar project where they are using dots to decorate the first letter in their name.
    We are studying the work of the Japanese Yayoi Kusama and thought that this letter project would be fun.I will post results when it is done.

  3. Hi Jo! I see your still having fun with your ALaW, looking great. K x

  4. these are gorgeous Jo! I also LOVE the paintings in the post below-great compositions and colors! And thank so much for stopping by my blog.