Tuesday, April 17, 2012

About Collages...

I have always loved mucking around with bits of paper.  Remember those cardboard dolls with paper cutout outfits from waaaaaaay back (like over half a century)? I loved them.  You could say my tastes have matured over the years, but I still love bits of paper.....

Boolimba Bluff

.... and leaves....

.... and almost any other bits and pieces...

Out Of Time
However these lean more towards 'mixed media' work than 'real' collage which is cut and paste... generally of found pre-printed words and/or images rather than painted paper and objects.

There are many cut and paste collagists whose work I admire, some below:

Cecil Touchon
Steven Specht
Edvard Derkert

... and not least our own Aussie, JOEL LAMBETH

Joel organises a collection of collagists each year that he calls To The Power Of N where he selects a number of participants, this year 12, and provides each with the same images on paper that they must use to make their own collages.

Last year they were soooo different, but there were some bits from the provided papers that several chose.  See the 2011 participants HERE.

I can do this I reckon... LOVE a challenge. Check out my own cut'n'paste collages in my portfolio on the right.

Why don't you give it a go too?  Submit HERE.


  1. Yes, I remember playing with paper dolls for hours with my younger sister and then with my own girls! Cutting and pasting the days away. Still a favourite way to pass the time. I'll check out your links.

  2. oh I love this and i'm now going to visit these,

  3. Love what you do with bits of this and that Jo...collage is something that speaks to me as does all mixed media

    lots of links to visit...tootles for now

  4. I love your work (as you know) and so appreciate your generous sharing of links to other fab artists. I checked out the request for submission to the collage challenge. What a cool idea! If you don't mind, I'll share it on my blog as well - the more people who know about it, the better, right?

  5. Hi Jo,
    Beautiful work! Yes, I do remember paper dolls.
    I'm going now to check out the links. Thank you for the inspiration!

  6. Looking forward to seeing what you create. The challenge is, to me, utterly daunting. If I had a comfort zone to begin with, I'd be way OUT of it!

  7. Gorgeous artwork, love your style

  8. Really wonderful works of art!! I especially love Boolimba Bluff and Out of Time.

  9. Hi JM - I will leave the collage work to the experts and just keep mucking around with metal. Go well with the challenge. B

  10. Oh gosh!! I love these collages. I am especially fond of Drought, but they are all wonderful. And they are perfect ways to use up small bits that might not find a home otherwise.