Friday, June 1, 2012

Sneak Peak... On The Easel

Against my better judgement I've taken on a commission.  My friends have a wonderful house in the mountains that their architect son designed.... airy and light, with a view to the coast.  They have often expressed a desire to own one of my paintings, but I just didn't have the right one for the chosen spot. So, I volunteered to do a painting in the right format, and palette, to suit.

It is still 'on the way'  but so far, so good.

The painting is 2' x 3' , acrylics on gallery-wrapped, wide edge canvas.  It is based on their fishpond, over which you cross to enter the house.

I had free rein to choose the subject etc., and I really would like to see my work on their wall so I accepted the challenge.

I have yet to add more reflections on top of the fish, some depth to the water with the impression of 'dappled' light over the foliage.

Usually commissions make work out of what I do for pleasure, so I avoid them like the plague.  I'm enjoying this tho' and will keep you posted on it's completion.


  1. its beautiful and by the sound of the home it will compliment it well.The water is wonderful , i love this and its even better because its big! I love big, I love to paint big, i always have,

  2. Oh I love the colours and the movement of the fish in the water! Good for you to take this challenge on! Yes, please keep us posted.

  3. This is just gorgeous, but I totally understand the displeasure of working commissions.
    Whenever I finish one, I tell my husband to hit me in the head with a rock if I say *YES!* again....LOL!
    (I always end up saying yes at some point...)
    Love the fish.


  4. Looks good so far, I'm sure you make a great finish.

  5. Hi Jo - it is looking good!! commissions are fun but demanding - here's to seeing it all finished - cheers Wyn

  6. I'm liking it Jo, look forward to the finsihed piece.

  7. Look at you...what fun love all the color's Jo

  8. Good for you taking it on. I don't think I could take on a commission for a friend because I would worry they wouldn't like what I did. Your piece is sure to please, though.

  9. Your painting is coming along wonderfully! Fantastic subject! Your friends will love it! Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. :)

  10. I love the start of this and the subject sounds perfect for your friends. Commission scare me to death because how do you know if you're meeting their secret (they're always secret) expectations? But you know these people and they know your style, so there's probably less risk. I don't know how anyone wouldn't love one of your paintings! Congrats and have fun finishing it - can't wait to see. I'm going to share the Mix Media swap on my blog too to encourage others to participate this year as well.....

  11. Your canvas is looking fabulous Jo...great motion you've captured with the Koi

    I admire you for taking on the challenge ... I seem to do best making what I want to make and not feeling the pressure of pleasing someone else

    You've stepped up to the challenge brilliantly