Thursday, June 21, 2012


Who doesn't like Mint-choc  icecream?  That's our 'Summer Of Colour'  icecream challenge for the week. Yummo!... thanks Kristin.

Soooooo... our artistic endeavours have to use mint/choc colours.  I think I can do that.

I'll kick off with a digitally altered photo.....

Cactus Flower
perhaps a collage?...

... a necklace?...

.....and just because this is my latest 'fun' thing to do, two ATCs.

Cafe Delights

Mint Choc

If you want to see more 'Summer Of Colour', head on over to visit Kristin.  Enjoy!


  1. Fun coming to visit you on Thursday when it is still Wednesday here in Virginia ;)

    AND you have officially made me hungry for ice cream...the guys in our house put Mint Chocolate Chip very high on their list

    Love the variety of art pieces you shared dear Jo

  2. have been very busy and love each of your diverse arts...and t that necklace is beautiful...well done ot achieving so much this

  3. You really got into this colour! Great variety!

  4. Love them all your ATC's are fantastic!

  5. The necklace is very nice, but my favorite is that last ATC: great composition!

  6. Love all the pieces you posted for the summer of color challenge Jo. I just had to see what this challenge was all about after seeing it also on Shahrul's blog. And funny thing is, I just bought that ice cream for hubby as it is his all time fave :)

  7. Great images...all speak to summer!!! (But aren't you all now in winter? So confusing sometimes! (o:)

  8. Aren't you glad it's called the Summer of Color? Ice cream in winter is not much fun, even in a decent climate. I can tell you are taking this "summer" challenge to heart. I sure love what you have created from the ice cream colors. You have a real sense of style and a gift for composition. I especially love the H-ART. It speaks to me.

  9. I love all your pieces but especially the ATC's - they are fab - I love your style.

  10. I how I love that "cafe delights" ATC.

  11. oh i've never seen anything quite like these, very pretty!!

  12. Oh my, all are spot right on!!!
    Beautiful creations!!

  13. My goodness, such a gorgeous variety! I think the ATCs are my favorites, especially the ice cream cone.