Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mixed Media May.. a little late

SUN PRINCE - acrylics/collage

Mixed Media May is an annual blog celebration of mixed media artists.  For each day In May a different artist was featured on the site.  It was a great look at some amazing art.... you can visit them HERE.

At the end of the project we were all asked the same questions that were asked of the featured artists.  Here is my response:

1.  What does mixed-media art mean to you?
An opportunity to PLAY, using everything I can lay my hands on.  Mixed media art is always unique, interesting, and a real insight into the working mind of its maker.


 2.  How long have you been a mixed-media artist?
I've been a painter, a potter, and an assembler of interesting beads.  I guess I started collaging during my years at Tech college.  That makes it about 25 years, but only recently have I spent most of my time with mixed media.

3.  How has your art impacted or enhanced your life?
I can't imagine my life without art anymore.  It has taught me to LOOK, and the world is now totally fascinating, in all its moods.


4.  What are a few of the mixed-media supplies you find yourself using most?
Acrylics, ink, collage, found objects, fabric... you name it...I'll use it.


  5.  Who are some of your favorite mixed-media artists?
Gotta say Seth is king!  I've only recently found Seth Apter and I'm his NO.1 fan.  Also love Steve Specht's collage,  my friend Noela Mills can turn her hand to anything, but the list could be endless.

OUTBACK - Noela Mills

6.  What makes your mixed-media art unique?
Perhaps my sense of humour pervades my work, or my delight in colour.  Everyone's work is unique because of the materials they have access to, or make.

TAKE A BOW - ink, glass

7.  Where can we find you?
Easy peasy... just Google ' Jo Murray Art' and most likely you'll find me.

8.  Please tell us about yourself (short bio with headshot).

I started art as a 'hobby', but it became much, much more. To learn I studied for seven years at Technical College, doing 4 years Fine Arts (majoring in painting), 3 years Studio Ceramics, and 1 year Glaze Technology.  I was hooked after that marathon and now can't let a day go by without at least one hour in my studio.  I still go to interesting workshops to acquire new techniques or inspiration, AND I am quite addicted to collecting Art books.
Do follow my links... you'll see some amazing stuff!


  1. now that was great!!!!

  2. Jo - your Sun Prince is stunning - the colours you have captured are fantastic - and also to mention - Noela's Outback - great pieces!!

  3. wonderful pieces, thank you for sharing, x

  4. Love your answers - very illuminating of you as a person. Noela's piece looks amazing and, as always, I love your work. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. Oohh I love this post Jo! Your little jewel (Sun Prince) caught my attention in my sidebar. Great to read your answers too.

  6. Love your post - it's interesting to read your responses.

  7. Hey Jo, I'm so excited, I just won a book from your friend Noela! I've been following her site for some time and she recently held a giveaway and I'm one of the lucky recipients! I'm so excited and so pleased that you 'introduced' me to her - what a talent!

  8. Wonderful to learn more about you Jo. And thank you for your generous words :-)

  9. Enjoyed this post on many levels dear Jo. Super to learn more about you and it is always a treat to see what you create!

  10. Great interview! Thanks for sharing it with us. Getting to know our blogging friends is always fun.

  11. That was so fun to read! I learned a lot about you and your art journey here. AND I love the work of yours that you shared. Thank you for this and for your visit, I'm looking forward to seeing more for SOC! Kristin xo

  12. JM- love the passion and how it feeds your inner spirit. B

  13. Hi Jo, like Robyn your colourful little Sun Prince icon caught my eye - oh, and I love the photo of you and that cheeky little grin of yours!

  14. Hi Jo, gorgeous work! I look forward to having more of a stickybeak through your blog:) Fi

  15. Loved reading this post Jo and absolutely adore the gorgeous Rainforest Remnants piece especially!