Thursday, March 17, 2011


Since starting this blog I have neglected the fact that, until this year, most of my time was spent making pots... relatively successfully. That is, if the sale of everything I made is a measure of success.  I did win a few decent awards, mainly for non-functional, or funky, teapots. While in Sydney I won two firsts in the Sydney Teapot Show, and since moving here have also won the 'Creative Teapot' award at the Maleny Teapot Show.

"Hello Sailor" - (non-functional teapot)
"The Flasher" -(non-functional teapot)
These teapots came from a complete series, over many years, of 'conversational' pots that I will soon add to this blog in my portfolio. I will need to scan some photos (when I find time) as I began this series before digital cameras.

This is the year to give up pots in favour of painting.  It is far too difficult to do both successfully, and I really love to paint.


  1. I do remember these T-pots, and I loved them.
    Sorry to hear you are giving up clay, but said that, I'm sure your paintings wil be as lovely as your pots were.

  2. oh wow!!! the teapots are AMAZING!! you know what ... they remind me of Beauty and the Beast ... the cutlery in the scene "be our Guest" ... how very very delightful! you are such a talented lady!

  3. Kool teapots Jo, I can see how you won prizes for them...

  4. Thank you one and all. When I review what I achieved as a potter I am quite satisfied. However one can only do so much... it is now time for painting.