Monday, June 6, 2011

... and the winner is.....

Not me but hey, how fortunate to be part of the Lethbridge 10000.  The winner Lucy Bonnin was extremely deserving with her painting "Jumper, Jumper".

She's quite young and already amassing a swag of awards.

The gallery was PACKED for the opening and presentation.  I was glad we arrived early so we could get to see all the work.

Mine is top row, second from left on facing wall
I am even on the same wall as the winner.

There were so many people they were spilling out onto the footpath.

I'll certainly give it another shot next year, and by then I'll be doing better work.  'Each painting better than the last' is my mantra.


  1. your work looks great as well Jo !!! You COULD have been the winner :)

  2. wonderful show of people that came out, congrats on you piece being in the show too. looks you have a close-up of that piece..sure would be good to see that..

  3. Jo, this is a internet artist friend of mine that lives in Australia too...check out her work..and are you close to her?

  4. That is a good mantra to have and it is also very true- every artist will see improvement-- if they work hard and consistently- which I am sure you will. and congrats on being in the show- which is an accomplishment as well.

  5. Thank you Michele, Laura, and Donna... Love to hear from you and your comments on the post.

  6. your piece looks great there Jo - well done to be chosen, shows your works are of high standard!

  7. Hi Kim... I was thrilled to be hung in such a prestigious exhibition. Let's hope I can keep up the standard.