Monday, June 27, 2011

Technology Familiarisation

As you can see I've been mucking around with the blog. This is all still relatively new to me so be patient. I'm trying out all the gadgets, widgets, whatever, in order to make access to my work more 'user-friendly'. Don't you just love all these buzzwords that the new age has thrown at us (NOT!).

It took me ages to come to grips with Adobe Photoshop too, but I think I have it working for me now, as the following might indicate.




Am still only using basic controls but practising, practising, practising.  All my images are based on photos I've taken myself, so at least they're original.


  1. Oh Wow Jo!! these are amazing! all of them! the colours are so intense! you have a great sense of design!

  2. Beautiful work with Photoshop~~which I still run from in complete FEAR!!!
    On the widget side...I was looking for a simple slide widget; nothing FANCY, just a slide show.
    I know they are out there but I can't find them....pfffft!


  3. These are stunning! Are you using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? I use Elements, and still have lots to learn about it. It's fun experimenting, though, isn't it?

  4. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for passing by at my blog and all your nice comments every time. Your blog looks pretty good and 'user-friendly' now. It's good to play with all the gadgets. It took me ages to get my blog as I wanted it. Nice photos. The magnolias are like maps.

  5. Looks like you've been having a lot of fun playing - great work - love the tehnology one - a great idea for a piece

  6. Joanna... Thanks for the encouragement.

    Anne & Sherry... have emailed you a reply to your questions.

    Eric... Hi there, nice to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words.

    Helena... I HAVE been having fun, hope you have too.

  7. These look wonderful. PS is still a mistery to me. :) THough I'm taking an on- class now to learn more about it.

  8. Glad you like them Natasha. Hope to see your PS work up there soon.

  9. JM- looks great and a lot of fun isn't it. B

  10. I love that window dressing image - simply stunning! Looks like you have been enjoying yourself - you have to set aside time to play with things (blogs and PS) don't you? Love the bright bold header as well!

  11. Barry... it IS fun.. am loving the challenge.

    Fiona... The window dressing one is the one I prefer too, and am thinking of using it as a basis for a painting.

  12. I admire your patience and the results of working with PS...I have not been able to sit still long enough to learn the tricks I would like...I certainly do admire all of the digital goodness I see!
    p.s. you DO live in a beautiful place!