Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art Exhibition

COMA has mounted a small exhibition on the theme  ‘ … introduced ‘  relating to the impact on our environment of imported weeds.  The painting size is restricted to 10 x 12 inches because of the limited space.

This exhibition will be part of “Weed Week” - observed throughout the Shire. Three local film makers are putting together short films themed on weeds and there are a few workshops planned on weeds – painting of and weaving with weeds maybeand all will be held at - and promoted through - the Maleny Library.

The opening is next Friday night, but the exhibition can be seen by clicking HERE

My small contribution is...
A Carpet Of Purple (not a great photo, sorry)
... and I believe that it's already SOLD.  I'm delighted.

Patterson's  Curse is toxic to most grazing animals and is Australia's worst broadleaf temperate pasture weed. The weed is native to Mediterranean Europe and northern Africa and was introduced to Australia in the 1850s as an ornamental garden plant. 

It reduces pasture productivity and is toxic to livestock and It degrades the natural environment by crowding out and suppressing native vegetation.

Despite this, from an artist’s view, the brilliant purple of paddocks covered with the weed are an absolute delight to behold. My childhood memories of life in the Riverina are coloured with this gorgeous purple.


  1. I can see why this was snapped up by someone right away Jo ... shame the weed is so pesky when it is indeed so beautiful to look at

  2. Oh wow such a wonderful painting. Thank you for the info. Annette x

  3. Jo - no wonder this has sold - great colours and wonderful composition with the trees etc! Wow - congrats!

  4. Congratulations. What a beautiful piece. I love the vibrancy of the blue.

  5. SOLD! Just what you want to see, Jo! :)

  6. What a beautiful lapis color! Congratulations!

  7. What a great painting - no wonder it's sold! Love the colors and the shapes of the trees. It's so rich in color! Thanks for sharing about the exhibition - sounds intriguing - wish I was 'down under' to enjoy it!

  8. Congratulations on the exhibition and the sale! I'm excited for you. :)

  9. I remember collecting armfuls of this flower (weed) as a child the colour was BRILLIANT as is your gorgeous painting... I even have a soft spot for cane toads... ahh Jo the painting weed or not is stunning!!!