Monday, August 8, 2011

The VERY Red Centre

Thanks to my computer savvy husband, I can actually share a small part of our adventure with you. Richard has his laptop and has managed to tear himself away from it so I can satisfy my blogging urges.

No wonder inland Australia is called the 'red' centre.

We have walked miles, and climbed enormous heights.  I have taken sooooo many photos of red rocks, chasms, gorges, etc. that it will be difficult to choose, so will only give you a small sample until I get home.

Naturally the most important places we've visited must be included.  Uluru (previously Ayers Rock) is a very sacred area to the local indigenous people. Climbing the rock is discouraged, but that doesn't stop the most intrepid, young, and fit tourists from giving it a go.  Mostly they are foreign tourists, as Australians are a little more sensitive to the wishes of the local people.

Another important sacred site is Kata Tjuta (previously the Olgas).

Leaving one of my favourites 'til last.... this photo emphasises the absolutely amazing colours of the landscape.

Until I get more computer time, this will have to do.  Stay tuned.


  1. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us, Jo xoxox

  2. Beautiful scenery!! The red earth reminds me of the red clay soil here (Georgia).

  3. JM - thanks for sharing the great colours of the centre. B

  4. I've not been to Australia although I dream about it often. In my mind, I have been to Ayers Rock as can be seen here. Have fun, take more photographs.

  5. Sounds like fun Jo, looks nice and warm too. Great photo's I particularly like the one of Kata Tjuta and its nice to be virtual holidaying with you.

  6. It all looks beautifull, seems you have a great time, enjoy and lap up all these colours!

  7. Thanks everyone for checking my posts. It became too difficult to do with limited time and no photo editing stuff, but will post some fab pictures on my return.