Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Views Of The Outback

G'day everyone in Blogland... I'm back.  While I have an enormous number of images I'd like to share with you, I also have the washing, shopping, cooking, and arranging my next few weeks busy schedule to attend to.  However I can't keep you waiting in suspense (at least I hope you are), so have quickly looked at our last day at Litchfield National Park, just outside of Darwin.

We spent much of the day cruising croc infested rivers...

... where these prehistoric creatures virtually littered the banks...

... and predatory birds, like this Whistling Kite, hunted for food.

When we'd had enough of that it was time for champagne and prawns, on top of a hill overlooking the amazing landscape, and watching this spectacular sunset. 

I just loved the way the setting sun reflected on the grasses.

Will eventually get the many photos sorted and share some of the many highlights with you.  Lots of painting inspiration for me!!!

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  1. While the wildlife is impressive, that sunset is what made me gasp!