Monday, August 1, 2011

Australia - The Outback

It's true... I've become addicted to my blog.  Here I am,  packed and ready to go for my holiday, still finding more stuff to post.  Just HAD to share with you some paintings by my favourite Australian artists that were inspired by the places I'm off to visit.

Erika Beck - Uluru Rockpool

Euan Macleod - Alice Landscape With Car

Guy Warren - Back Country

John Olsen - Artist's Camp

Yvonne Langshaw - Ross River Gorge

I love all these artists, and their works, and hope I'll be similarly inspired.


  1. beautiful,, just beautiful!

  2. Love all these, & Euan Macleod is a total fave :) No I hope you've packed paints & camera, be brave, turn off your computer now LOL, go paint & have fun!!

  3. They are all very inspiring... thank you Jo for sharing !

  4. I can see why, Jo. I keep coming back to these for another and another look.

  5. Wonderful artists all. Thanks for posting!

  6. What a wonderful idea... to find paintings of the places you are planning to visit-- divine inspiration indeed!

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