Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gorges And Valleys

Still very 'up' about our trip to outback Australia, and sorting the photos is keeping me so. One of the first things I photographed when we arrived in Alice Springs was outside the motel where we were staying.

Sturt's Desert Pea is famous for its distinctive blood-red leaf-like flowers, each with a bulbous black centre. It is one of Australia's best known wildflowers, native to the arid regions of central and north-western Australia.  I love these flowers but they are difficult to grow.

It's sometimes difficult to juggle a camera while climbing enormous rocks, and traversing difficult terrain.  We often struggled with the light as the contrast between the harsh sunlight and the shadows was enormous.  However, the trials were insignificant when we reached our various destinations. Awe and amazement were the usual reactions.

Cycad Gorge

Palm Valley
It is such rugged and beautiful country that it is difficult to convey without professional cameras, but who needs to lug heavy equipment when climbing over all this.

This was a VERY tiny precis of our first day.  We did sooooo much more.


  1. This looks like amazing country - my husband and I visited Australia a few years ago though we stayed in the more urban areas. We've talked about going back and seeing a new area - this may be it! I look forward to seeing more gorgeous pics!

  2. Jo, your photos are wonderful!! Thank you for sharing such beauty with us!

  3. That last photograph is drawing me in. What a wonderful place to explore.