Thursday, August 18, 2011

Always A Bridesmaid

There is a saying - "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride".  Hope it's not true.  I have a painting in the Queensland Regional Art Awards  

When I saw my work on the site  thought I was a finalist, but it seems that I am not, and that all of the paintings on the site are ALL the entrants. I'm in good company too, with some of my friends also there.

Congratulations to Susanne Barrett  Ken Munsie  Kim Schoenberger !!!!!!... and good luck all.

Noughts And Crosses - acrylics, 61 x 61 cm
More info and YOU CAN VOTE on this site for the people's choice.

...hope you do.


  1. I like the rich blue and warm orange colors in this piece and its overall feeling of movement. Wish I had your skills. I see that Elena/Russ commented before me -- I'm in very good company it appears. --Carol Leigh

  2. Well you got MY vote!
    Love the colors and shape in this; very nice feeling!


  3. Oh wow, congratulations Jo....its a fabulous piece. x

  4. This piece has such a warm and happy energy; I like the areas of marks interspersed with the more ambiguous areas. Congrats on being in the show; I hope you win the award!