Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ATC trading

Many of you are probably wondering what's happening to these Art Trading Cards that are appearing on my blog in response to various challenges.  It is all new to me too, but I've begun trading them Internationally.

To show you the sort of miniature gems I've been receiving in exchange here are some examples:

'Don't Look Up' - Sanna - USA
Sanna has a wide range of talents....

'One Little Mac' - Sanna - USA

... but I also like the work of this artist, from Serbia...

'A Blushing Flyer' - Bilja - Serbia

... who also does zentangles.

'Tangled Houses' - Bilja - Serbia.

By far most of my trades have been from the USA.

'First Inchie' - Ty - USA

'Tea Time' - Carol - USA

'Desert Cats' - Jan - USA

But, so far, I do have one other Aussie:

'Pods' - Pam - Australia
'Sun And Surf' - Pam - Australia

If anyone wants to indulge themselves in this sort of trading, the groups I belong to are:



It is free to join and trade.  All you need pay is postage to send your work.

Hope some of you are interested in adding to the mix.


  1. This looks like so much fun Jo, I will have to check it out!

  2. what a fun collection of ATCs Jo! I know Sanna and her art from various groups and she certainly is multi-talented! I had been swapping and trading ATCs for so long I have mine stored in decorative boxes and every so often I go through them all and take a few out for display. Thanks for the links! Once I get more time I hope to get some made to trade again.

  3. How cool, I think I will make up some ATCs and then join one of the groups... sounds like fun. :)

  4. Your collection is certainly off to a good start! You have some beauties there.

  5. It looks like you are having a wonderful time trading cards.. and the variety from all the different artists make for a very diverse collection.

  6. Jo! Is this not fun, getting little colorful compositions people have drawn and painted and sent through the post? I love them. I keep trying to think of a way to display them all so that they are seen every day. I must get my foamcore out and cut frames and make wallpaper out of the ATCS!!

    I would love to swap more, but I have to find time, first... Where is my clone?

  7. I knew your name sounded familiar! Fancy bumping into you at another site! Love trading with you! Ta-ta for now...