Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Last Week - Summer Of Colour

This six weeks has flown and a lot of ice-creams have been dealt with... in more ways than one.  Kristin's 'Summer Of Colour' challenge, based on ice cream colours, is going out with a bang.  Watermelon Ice is the colour, and who doesn't like red?

My beads 'stash' is huge... not too difficult to find some 'watermelon' beads.

Coral, Lava, and Crystal Quartz.

Is there enough to read 'watermelon' in this.. including the skin?

Red Sky - digitally altered photo
The garden can always provide a range of colours...

... and, to take the subject literally, an ATC.

THANKS KRISTIN !!!!  It's been fun pretending it's summer down under... and you've introduced me to a whole new world of ice-cream.

Head on down to Kristin's blog to see everyone's wonderful work. 


  1. You had fun with this week's colour combo! Lovely artwork and necklace/bracelet set. I particularly like your ATC.

    Summer of Color has been great fun hasn't it?

  2. Beautiful work. And so different, but so great.
    Lovely greet

  3. You have so many wonderfully different watermelon art forms here! Your coral necklace is my favorite!

  4. A lovely selection of ideas for this weeks challenge - I especially love the watercolour ATC - beautifully done.

  5. Loving your beautiful work. Annette x

  6. All different but all fabulous.
    Hugs Anja

  7. It's been fun to watch your range of submissions each week. I played along the first half and just lost steam and inspiration though it's been really fun to see everyone else's efforts.

  8. Hi Jo-
    This seems like it was a great summer challenge for you. I especially like the first piece...the watermelon made of beads. I know about those bead stashes...I work part time at a bead shop!-Julie

  9. I love that you took the challenge in so many medias: photos, art, beads! Wow!

  10. WOW, lovely creations!. My fav is the watermelon bead work. Hugs.

  11. Great way to celebrate National Ice Cream month with these challenges...watermelon really speaks to me and you've pegged it beautifully in so many forms dear Jo!

    Now I'm hungry ;)

  12. Jo, these are wonderful! It's hard to pick a favorite but the beads and red sky are both amazing!

  13. I love all your pics - the "watermelon" beads are great - love the red sky and the ATC - but I especially love your yellow flower hat! Well done!