Monday, July 9, 2012

Recognise this wench?...

Yes it's my friend Kim Schoenberger !!!!  Kim, a potter/sculptor, who goes from this...

... to this..

... with equal expertise, also does these amazing mediaeval pots once a year.

Here, standing guard over them is Glen Jeavins, Sunshine Coast FMs gardening expert, and Kim's partner in crime.  Well, perhaps not crime exactly, but certainly her once-a- year commitment to the largest Mediaeval Festival in the southern hemisphere.

Let me share some photos, just to give you a little idea of this amazing annual event.  The whole area is set up with various encampments, open fires, people in mediaeval dress, all behaving as if we are back sometime before the15th century.

I loved the Gypsy encampment...

...with all its wonderful colours and characters...

... and the Vikings too...

There were birds of prey...

 ... and ladies with dogs...

... henna painters...

tool and fur merchants...

... even a mediaeval lathe... who'd believe it? (for you Barry)

There were assaults on castles...

 ..stilt walkers...

  ..kissing booths (I don't think so)...


 ...mediaeval music (complete with modern technology, for which they are forgiven)...

... and the thing that everyone wanted to see....JOUSTING...

This was the most difficult to photograph... but I'll try harder next year.

Thanks for inspiring me to go see this fabulous event Kim, and for collecting some collage materials for me.

A great day, and a great mate...

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  1. brilliant! thanks so very much for the tour of the festival!

  2. Hi Jo-
    Looks like you had a great time. I love all the various textures and colors...have to agree that the gypsy tents caught my eye as well.

  3. what a wonderful event!1 I have never saw anything like this, so much going on, so much fun, only I think the owl looks very sad,,

  4. great fun by the looks of it - wish I could have been there -maybe next year

  5. Hi Jo, love the wench bit :-) beautifully captured with all your photographs and one of my buddy's (Norm in the big fur hat) my fav is the gypsy encampment too.

  6. It's been so long since I've been to one of these festivals. I love these photos!

  7. What fun! This looks much bigger than any I've attended - I've never been to one with castle assaults and jousting. Looks like you had a truly fabulous day.

  8. Wow, that must have been so much fun! Another blogger I follow has photos of a Medieval Festival she attended over the weekend. You can check her out at

  9. Wow - JO - you obviously had a ball and Kim looks like she was really into it as well!! Well done - love Kim's work so this just enhances that perception!! Go Girls!!

  10. Great photos! I especially like the birds and dogs.

  11. Hi Jo, I love the wench bit, I did comment here the other night not sure why it hasn't appeared - was fab you came up to say hi, it was so franticly busy I didn't have chance to come up for air. Your photo's are excellent, the guy in the big fur hat is Norm and a good buddy of mine :-)

  12. What fun! I've always wanted to go to one of those mediaeval faires!
    I found you through the Liberate your art website.
    I hope you come visit me, my blog is

    Peace and Love,

  13. WHERE have I been! (well I was out of town for a 4 day weekend, but I missed so much here Jo!)

    This post is fantastic...I am such a medieval fan...the gypsy camp - OH MY!

    wonderful photos thanks so much for sharing
    must go back for another lookie look!