Friday, July 13, 2012

Commission Complete... hooray!

On Friday, June 1st, I posted this image as a work in progress.

I worked on it infrequently in the intervening time, between other stuff that distracted me.

Last weekend my friends Marie and Wayne came and picked up the finished work...

Marie's Fish
Not great photos but you get the idea, the texture shows up quite well.  I'm quite happy with the movement and light... but I'm no Caravaggio. 

It's less abstracted than I'd like but doing commissions is not always what you'd do for yourself.  It sometimes makes a chore out of what you normally do for fun. 

Still, it fills the brief, and I never do a painting without learning something.  That's the important thing.


  1. what beautiful flow and movement - I really like the soft abstract look.

  2. I think it turned out great, and I bet Marie and Wayne loved it! :)

  3. this is coming together well - it looks fantastic you have great depth in it so the whole things presents alive!!! Sometimes a little realism doesn't hurt - look at what Dali achieved!! Abstraction is fun but not always what others want - as I have just discovered with a piece I shipped out yesterday - will show it when the person it was done for see's it and gives the Ok - but sentiments reflected - your work is vibrant and alive!!

  4. so much of what you said I feel quite the same, when Iwas painting commissions I found them a chore, I enjoyed it but the restrictions put on me by others guidelines were a bit of a downer.
    This is amazing, just beautiful!!!

  5. A lovely piece, I love the movement in it.

  6. Bravo to you! It's a lovely painting!!You are a braver woman then I am to do a commission! xo

  7. Well done, Jo! They are lucky people to have your painting in their home.
    I'm with Jeane, commissions make me weak knee-ed! xo

  8. I like your ending statement, "I never do a painting without learning something." A quotable quote! Beautiful work, Jo.

  9. I agree - I think the movement and light were captured very well and I like the painting a lot. Love those little wavelets at the edges. I'm sure the owners are just loving it!

  10. Wow, Jo - I love this piece! We´ll meet at Paper Traders soon, I think ;-)

  11. Gorgeous!! and it's SO true: Painting = learning.

  12. wow, this piece is so reflective, so Zen~
    I love the light and the movement~
    Well Done and I loved that you learned something! :D

  13. I'm sure they were happy with the result Jo, a commission is good for disipline, which always results in learning :-)

  14. Replies
    1. I don't have word to say about this painting, every effect is so clean and clear, like water and aquatic grass, and fish color everything have fetching look.

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