Saturday, July 21, 2012

In The Picture.. Reflections

July's theme for 'In The Picture' is 'Reflections'.  Self-portraits are much easier with a camera than with a brush, but they still require a lot of self analysis.  Looking at myself in a mirror, or through a lens, is not really something I'm comfortable with but the monthly challenge is helping me to overcome any qualms.

Mind you, I can be very careful not to look too old (tho' I am bordering on 'elderly'), as this carefully arranged shot shows. Yes, that is my bathroom floor and the mirror is very tiny. (well done, me). All but the mirror has been put through Photoshop.  I can't resist mucking around with my photos.

The Tree Mirror
The lovely carved mirror was a farewell gift from a friend when we left Sydney 12 years ago. It hangs opposite my bookcase. Those books are ALL art books... and there are more... everywhere in the house.

Inside Out
You can see that my house is surrounded by trees in this photo, taken on my back deck looking through the glass doors and through the house.

Well, a person has to end on a glamorous note.  Love my hat!

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  1. fantastic! inside out is my favorite.

  2. Great photos, I really like the one with you in the tree mirror - what a beautiful mirror!

  3. great the hat!!

  4. These are all wonderful - especially the photoshopped mirror picture and the last one with the hat.

  5. I mentioned you and your wonderful 'Squall' painting prize on my blog post today.....


  6. Though I love you in the hat (so fun!), my fave is Inside Out - I just love the layers of reflection, greenery and then there's you, peeking through. Very cool! Good for you on getting out of your comfort zone once again...

  7. Such a fun post Jo!
    Cute hat shot
    and I think my favorite is your Inside Out ... super with the door opening and your reflection
    as always you are very creative in all of your endeavors!

    My Mom used to say when anyone got the camera, especially when zoom lens became so popular "Keep a respectable distance" ... I hear myself saying the same these days


  8. Sweet Jo. I like your sense of fun! I'll come to you to doctor up my photos from now on :-)

  9. Floored and inside out are definitely my favorites...Very creative work! Of course, I'm not surprised ♥

  10. love your inside out shot!

  11. I love the tree mirror shot and love the painterly effect you have given it! I enjoyed the hat shot too and love the jaunty angle! Well done you!
    Have a great week! Sandra

  12. Such creative shots. My fave is that one where you're looking thru the house, but the mirror on the floor is brillian, especially wiht the inclusion of your feet. Love that.

  13. Hi Jo! I'm visiting from {in the picture} and it's my first time here. I love all your self portraits, but my favorite is Inside Out. It conveys that your home is literally part of you - a great metaphor. I also love your processing on Floored and The Tree Mirror.

  14. I love your hat too! Thanks for linking up at {In The Picture} this month :)