Friday, July 6, 2012


My latest follower, Elizabeth, of  The Glowing Wheel, is a mixed media explorer, as am I.  More and more I find myself moving from traditional brush painting to abstract mixed/media.  It seems that there is a growing trend this way. Perhaps it is the potential for re-using materials in an increasingly consumer-driven world.  I have some favourite 're-cyclers' that you might like to visit.

1. Robyn of Art Propelled

2.   Dale Copeland of Virtual Tart

3. Seth Apter of The Altered Page

4. Nancy Standlee ( great collages)

There are so many more 'favourites' that I could be here all day... but those links should keep you amused for a while.


  1. Thanks for the link, Jo! And that's a great list of artists to explore. The only one I'm familiar with is Seth, so I'm off to peruse!

  2. I'm already big fans of Seth and Robyn, but am unfamiliar with the other 2 so am off to visit. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites - you're great about doing that. I suspect you're right, the move to assemblages and mixed media using found objects does seem to be quite strong and I agree with your reasoning.....or maybe it's just because that's where my interest lies, so I'm naturally more aware of artists in that field. Whatever the reason, I'm loving it!

  3. Thanks for sharing these artists' work - all are wonderful!

  4. Thanks for sharing my art. You have a great blog.

  5. Thanks for shining the spotlight on all of these talented souls!
    I loved all of their work...stunning :D

    Thanks for your comment today! Yes, of course you can use the poem~
    :D I'm so glad you liked it~

  6. Thank you for sharing your good taste and these links Jo

  7. I find this interesting because I've definitely found myself going in the other direction. I started with mixed media and have only recently begun to develop my painting skills.

  8. I too love assemblage and constructions and mixed media and you have some wonderful examples here.. I already follow them too!