Monday, July 16, 2012

Collected... Internationally

While I LOVE to paint, I REALLY love mucking about with bits of paper, and my collages have ended up in a few reputable international collections.

This one in  the Ontological Museum, Colorado, USA.
Rust - 5" x 7"
The museum is collected by internationally renowned collagist Cecil Touchon, and is located in Pagosa Springs.

The next collage is in  New Zealand, in the permanent collection of The Learning Connexion, a comprehensive Art School in Wellington.

Moon Earth #4 - 5" x 7"
The following collage is in Aotea Utanganui, the Museum of South Taranaki in New Zealand.
Bound - 8" x 10"
I find it amazing how far I've come artistically in the past few years.  Perhaps because I spend more time 'practising'. 

When I began my journey I had no idea that my works would travel the globe and be part of collections in any other country.  Now, apart from the above serious collections, I can truthfully say that I have work in private collections from Serbia to the UK, Australia, USA, and many points between.

Now, I've been chosen as one of 12 international collagists to participate in this year's 'To The Power Of N : When N Equals 12' run by Joel Lambeth. 

Each year he chooses a number of artists to be given a package of identical materials comprised of different elements, and each will be asked to create a single collage artwork using the pieces provided... with the hope that, despite using the same components to create their work, each artist's individual style and personal vision will result in vastly different artworks.

The first year of the project, When N Equals 10, was a huge success and the finished artworks can be seen by clicking HERE.  They are catalogued into a printed, or downloadable book, and I imagine this year's works will be too, eventually.

This year I am one of only two Australians in the mix.  The other is Jude Worters of Melbourne.

You can find the rest of the participating artists HERE.

The finished works  completed for this year’s event will be held in the exhibition archives in order to be displayed in future exhibitions. If the artworks submitted are to be used in an exhibition, all artists will be contacted and notified.

Who'd've thought?


  1. Wow, told you you were a proper artist, well done.

  2. wow! jo - congratulations... very well deserved...

  3. so happy for your successes jo-I am such a fan of your art!

  4. Hooray! I can see why each of these pieces is collected - each so gloriously composed and different. I've checked out that project last time you mentioned it and was so impressed. And now you ARE one! Very deservedly so. You give me something to aspire to!

  5. wow congratulations Jo they are all fabulous. x

  6. How very exciting on many levels Jo!

    It certainly must be a great feeling to have your creativity featured far and wide

    looking forward to your next collage is always fun to see what different artists do with similar ingredients!

  7. They look absolutely fabulous!

  8. that is so exciting! your collages are stunning.

  9. JM - well congrats to you on so many fronts- there is no doubt that your passion, persistence and creativity pay off. Go well. B